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China National Building Material Group Attended the Second CIIE

 Source: CNBM                   Issued on: November 11, 2019



     On November 5, the Second China International Import Expo (the "Second CIIE") was ceremoniously inaugurated at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech themed on Openness and Cooperation for a Shared Future, stressing that we should jointly build the world economy featuring openness and cooperation, openness and innovation and openness and sharing, with a more open attitude and measures.

Song Zhiping, chairman and secretary of the Party Committee of China National Building Material Group ("CNBM"), was invited to take part in a series of activities including the opening ceremony of the Second CIIE. Liu Zhijiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice chairman, was invited to attend the 2019 Shanghai City Promotion Convention, and Zhao Xiaogang and Zhang Yanling, external directors of CNBM, Sun Lishi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and Zhan Yanjing, chief accountant, and so on visited the Second CIIE. Six enterprises under CNBM concluded procurement agreements with 21 overseas famous enterprises from 11 countries on the site.


Taking Part in a Series of Activities Including the Opening Ceremony

     On November 5, Song Zhiping, chairman and secretary of the Party Committee of CNBM, was invited to take part in the opening ceremony of the Second CIIE. He visited booths of three overseas enterprises under CNBM and overseas partners, and witnessed the conclusion of a cooperation agreement by and between CNBM Triumph Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd.




     Avancis GmbH, a top-level photovoltaic module producer in Germany, Singulus Technologies AG, an international famous thin film solar cell solution provider in Germany, and Olivotto Glass Technologies S.p.A., an international medical glass equipment manufacturer in Italy, under CNBM, respectively made appearances at the smart and high-end equipment exhibition area of the Second CIIE with their latest research achievements, high-end products and application ideas. The total booth area of the aforesaid three enterprises was nearly 500 m2, and the booths had a unified overall style, with CNBM brand elements integrated. After listening to their introductions, Song Zhiping fully affirmed results made by them over one year, and encouraged them to bring overseas excellent scientific research achievements to China, so as to vigorously expand their business in China.


     Song Zhiping was invited to visit booths of LafargeHolcim, Toshiba, Fives Group, Schneider and other enterprises, and made deep communications about CNBM deeply cooperating with the relevant parties.



     Song Zhiping also attended the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between CNBM Triumph Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. under CNBM and Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. In future, the two parties will deeply cooperate in respect of robots and automation equipment needed for production lines.

Attending the 2019 Shanghai City Promotion Convention

     On the afternoon of November 6, the 2019 Shanghai City Promotion Convention was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center. Liu Zhijiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice chairman of CNBM, was invited to attend the convention. The urban functions and business environment of Shanghai were primarily introduced and presented at the convention. By virtue of city keynote promotion and special promotions of major areas such as Pudong New Area, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lin-gang Special Area, Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone and Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District, the development prospect and broad opportunities of Shanghai were introduced to domestic and overseas investors. Before the convention, Liu Zhijiang visited booths of CNBM and listened to reports of relevant persons, learnt about conditions of all companies, technological innovation progress, application fields and so on in detail, and fully affirmed current business development conditions.



 Concluding Many Procurement Contracts



     During the Second CIIE, CNBM held the On-site Procurement Contract Signing Ceremony of CNBM during the Second CIIE at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Six enterprises under CNBM, including China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation ("CBMIE"), BNBM Group and Sinoma Import & Export, concluded 24 import agreements with 21 overseas well-known enterprises from 11 countries such as Japan, Germany, Russia and Australia, involving 10 types of products such as bulk commodities, wood and smart and high-end equipment. Such concluded contracts have provided important impetuses for CNBM stabilizing and implementing international cooperation achievements, deepening the economic and trade cooperation with all countries, impelling the transformation and upgrading of the enterprises and continuously enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprises.

     Over the nearly one year after the conclusion of the First CIIE, CNBM has been deeply implementing projects with contracts concluded at the First CIIE, and has made fruitful achievements in enhancing corporate recognition, assisting in business expansion, deepening economic and trade cooperation and so on, showing overflow effects of the CIIE gradually. The equipment procurement contract concluded by and between CNBM General Machinery Co., Ltd and Oerlikon Barmag, a manufacturer of artificial fibre industry machines of Germany, has been performed smoothly, contributing to the development of emerging industries of China. CNBM International successfully issued and launched "" foreign trade import comprehensive service business during the First CIIE. Over the one year after the start of operation, the platform has been actively providing on-stop import services for the international procurement of raw materials, components and parts as well as finished products of domestic enterprises. As at the end of September 2019, it has recorded an import amount of over RMB2.5 billion.  

     On November 8, external directors of CNBM, Sun Lishi, Zhan Yanjing, Guang Zhaoyu, secretary of the Board of Directors of CNBM, et al. visited the Second CIIE, carefully communicated with workers about corporate production technique, technologies, product sales conditions and so on, and gave precious suggestions about subsequent business development.




     Li Zhiwei, general manager of the International Cooperation Department of CNBM, Wu Xiang and Wang Lihe, deputy general managers of CBMIE, Tao Zheng, general manager of BNBM Group, Yu Xianfeng, deputy general manager of BNBM Group, Ma Liyun, executive deputy general manager of Triumph Science & Technology, Tang Liwei and Jiang Yang, deputy general managers of Triumph Science & Technology, Cao Zhihong, deputy general manager of Sinoma Import & Export, Sun Jian'an, general manager of China Triumph International Engineering, et al. took part in relevant activities.

CIIE in the Eye of Overseas Employees


      China is a very interesting country with a rich culture and friendly people. Shanghai with its great architectural treasures, business opportunities and the interesting mix of the traditional Chinese culture and modern way of a metropolitan city underlines its image as a megacity. Transportation is incredibly convenient and even able to bear the huge logistic venture of bringing 250,000 people per day to the CIIE. 

     AVANCIS took this year the second time part in the Chinese International Import Expo. In contrast to other trades, the amazing diversity of visitors as well as exhibtors gave us the opportunity to present our solutions to a broad and internationl active public. We were twice impressed by the well organisation, the enthusiasm from a vary of visitors like administratives, professionals and investors.  

       The Triumph Group is full of innovation and offers us an inspiring possibilities. AVANCIS in its role as a technology provider feels honored to take part in the CIIE, representing us as a proud member of CNBM. This offeres us the opportunity to support the group's reputation around the world. We were able to attract different media channels and got reported with the INFINITY. 


       ——AVANCIS Key Account Manager Norbert Junk






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