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Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Signs a Glass Project Contract during the B & R Summit

Source: CNBM

Date: May 17, 2017

On May 15, during the B & RForum for International Cooperation, the executives of Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (an affiliate of CNBM), Kazakhstan State-controlled Bayiterik Foundation, Kazakhstan Investment & Development Foundation, Development Bank of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Export Company and Orda Glass Company gathered in Beijing to discuss the major program of cooperation with Kazakhstan in the context of the B & R Initiative, and witnessed the signing of the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement concluded between Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and Orda Glass Company. In the same period, a contract signing ceremony was held for the float glass project (melting capacity: 600t/d). The partnership aims to deepen the international capacity cooperation developed by CNBM in Central Asia, and write a new chapter for the implementation of the B & R Initiative.

Song Zhiping (President of CNBM) attended the contract signing ceremony, and communicated with Kazakhstan’s parties. The contract signing ceremony was also attended by Peng Shou (GM of Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd.), Dossaev (Chairman of Executive Committee of Kazakhstan State-controlled Bayiterik Foundation), Sakishev (President of Kazakhstan Investment & Development Foundation), Babichev (Vice Chairman of Executive Board of Development Bank of Kazakhstan) and Sagimbayev (President of Orda Glass Company).

Song said: “In the past 10 years, CNBM has established 312 large-size cement lines and 60 cement lines in the countries along the B & R, producing a positive effect on economic development in these countries. This project is based on the preliminary agreement on cooperation reached by the heads of the two countries at the last year’s meeting. Today’s contract signing ceremony held during the B & R Forum for International Cooperation is of high significance. In the context of international cooperation under the B & R Initiative, we will make this project a world-class glass project and example of international cooperation. Furthermore, it is hoped that the two parties can cooperate in multiple fields in the future, for the purpose of reciprocity and mutual benefit.”

Dossaev said: “The B & R Initiative, which was first proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013 in Kazakhstan, is of high significance for the country. Kazakhstan State-controlled Bayiterik Foundation, being an important investor and financer, takes part in investment and financing for all the major projects of the country. Because of continuous economic growth, the demand for residence is increasing in the country. For example, 10 million m2 residences are to be built this year, which needs a large quantity of glass, highly-processed glass and other building materials. The foundation is eager for long-term cooperation with CNBM in multiple fields.”

At the contract signing ceremony, Peng Shou expressed the expectation of actively cooperating with Kazakhstan’s parties. Despite of tight schedule and heavy tasks, Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd. will devote every effort to build this project as a world-class glass production and processing base, and develop cooperation with Kazakhstan’s parties in the fields of housing industrialization and new energy.

Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd. began to exploit markets in Central Asia early in 2006, and has made engineering achievements in the countries and regions along the B & R, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. In particular, in Kazakhstan, the company has signed contracts for 3 large-scale cement EPC projects (Jambyl, Shymkent, Gezhouba) and accumulated rich experience, thereby successfully building a brand in Central Asia. The new glass project to be built in Kazakhstan by Orda Glass Company, representing the business development following the cement EPC project, is paid high attention to by President Nazarbayev, the provincial government and the municipal government.

Meng Xianjiang (Editor in Chief ofChina Building Materials News) and Ma Mingliang (Vice President of CTIEC) also attended the contract signing ceremony.

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