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Song Zhiping Visits the Site of CNBM’s Dubai Industrial Park

Source: CNBM

Date:June 9, 2017

On June 9, 2017 (Dubai Time), Song Zhiping (President of CNBM) visited the site of CNBM’s Dubai Industrial Park in the company of Wei Feng (GM Assistant of CNBM), Chen Yongxin (GM of CNBM International) and Fu Tingtao (GM of CNBM UAE).

On the site of the park, Song successively visited the office area, indoor warehouses and outdoor storage yards, and praised the park for its management and development directions as well as the fact that more and more enterprises have successfully gained a firm foothold in Middle East upon cooperation with the park. He hoped that the park could keep to the new foreign trade mode “cross-border e-commerce + oversea location”, make full use of the experience accumulated over the years in localized operation, give full play to various advantages of platforms, and provide all-round platform service to more Chinese enterprises eager for “going out”. Put into operation in August 2013, the park is located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, and covers an area of 52,000m2. At present, it is Middle East’s largest building material sales base and logistics & storage service platform.

After hearing the report on the operation and business conditions of CNBM International and CNBM UAE, Song highly praised their latest achievements and concepts for the development in the next stage, and expressed 5 requirements as follows: 1. Resource and interest sharing should be realized among the group’s enterprises by Integrating the group’s overseas resources and giving full play to the synergistic effect among the member companies; 2. The building of overseas platform should be enhanced by making use of the value depression of overseas investment, so as to establish competitive advantages as soon as possible; 3. Problems should be treated and solved from the perspective of development, and new development modes should be continuously explored with attention paid to the force of capital market; 4. Key regions should be established for international layout with focus on the markets of Central Asia, Middle East and southeast Africa; 5. Rapid development should be brought about by establishing and copying successful modes based on continuous summary and pondering in the role of “addict”. Furthermore, Song expressed specific requirements for team building, organizational building and cultural development. He emphasized that effective mechanisms should be established to introduce and retain excellent talents and that the park, being a central SOE’s overseas company, should strengthen the construction of overseas Party organization, actively give play to its role in operation, pay high attention to work safety to minimize safety risks and respect local culture and customs to create an atmosphere favorable to development.

Sui Yumin (Vice President of Sinoma, President of Sinoma Cement), Tong Laigou (President of CBMI) and Wang Junmei (Chief Engineer of Sinoma Cement) also took part in the visit.

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