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The Cement Fiberboard Production Line in Saudi Arabia Contracted by WBMDI Passed the Acceptance Inspection

Source: WBMDI

Date: Mar 9, 2017

On March 9, Production Line I of the asbestos-free fiber cement board with Hatschek process in Saudi Arabia contracted by Wuhan Building Material Industry Design  Research Institute Co., Ltd. (WBMDI) passed the owner’s performance assessment and acceptance. This project is an important step in WBMDI’s implementation of the “going global” strategy in energy-conserving new materials. It was constructed with the design under the European standard, using the internationally mainstream latex process production technique. The whole-process automationhas been achieved from batching, cogging, stacking, pre-curing, autoclaved curing, subplate removal, drying, sanding, edging, beveling and stacking. Remote monitoring in the central control room, automatic reporting of equipment faults, real-time display of test data, and other features are achieved.

WBMDI customizes EPC services in energy-conserving new materials production lines according to customers’ needs, having implemented a number of energy-conserving and environment-friendly new materials projects in the countries along “One Belt, One Road”.  Being highly flat, good-looking and easy for deep processing, the boards are widely recognized in the market. Soon after Production Line I was put into operation, the products have been sold to the Middle East and the North America, having created good economic and social benefits. The products are so popular that supply falls short of demand.  The owner’s acceptance of this project has laid a solid foundation for the two companies’ further cooperation.  

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