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CTIEC and Indonesia’s P.T Nelly Company Signed the Framework Agreement on Cooperation in the Biomass Power Station Chain

Source: CTIEC

Date: Mar 9, 2017

On March 9, Beijing witnessed that China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CTIEC)and Indonesia P.T Nelly Energi Lestarindo Company officially signed the framework agreement on cooperation in 150-MW chain biomass power stations, confirming the two companies’ cooperation in the chain biomass power generation project in the Indonesian market.  Peng Shou, CTIEC’s chairman and president, and Vincent Sunarko, chairman of Indonesia P.T Nelly Company, signed the contract. 

In the light of lack of electricity in many areas because of Indonesia’s geographical dispersion and insufficientpower generation, the two companies will bring into play their respective advantages to fully promote and develop the biomass power generation undertaking in the Indonesian market.CTIEC will provide a full range of engineering services and technical support to follow the “green, harmonious, energy-conserving and environment-friendly” approach while ensuring the project reaches the technical requirements.   

Sun Jian’an, CTIEC’s executive vice president, Ma Liyun, executive deputy director of Bengbu Triumph Engineering Technology, Xia Ning, deputy director of Bengbu Triumph Engineering Technology, Li Wei, vice president and chief accountant of Triumph Technology, Wang Linguo, chief representative of CTIEC’s Representative Office in Indonesia, Zhu Qiang, senior consultant of P.T Nelly Energi Lestarindo, and others attended the signing ceremony.

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