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Saint Gobain’s Calcium Silicate Board Production Line in Vietnam Undertaken by WBMDI Smoothly Transferred

Source: WBMDI

Date: Mar 1, 2017

On February 28, Wuhan Building Material Industry Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. (WBMDI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinoma Energy Conservation, smoothly transferred the asbestos-free calcium silicate board production line II with the annual output of 5 million square meters constructed forHiepPhu Corporation of Saint Gobain Holdings. This means that the energy-conserving new materials technology implemented by Sinoma Energy Conservation has been recognized in the domestic and overseas markets.

This project was the second cooperation between WBMDI and Vietnam HiepPhu Corporation after Production Line I with the annual capacity of 8 million square meters of asbestos-free fiber cement boards was put into operation. The project was carried out with all-new design concepts, innovative thinking and environmental consciousness. Innovations were achieved in automatic burdening, automatic feeding into and discharging from front and rear straight sheet piles of presses, automatic board feeding into and discharging from comb-type dryers, sanding, edging, beveling, automatic stacking and other aspects. The production line is an industry leaderin automation: remote monitoring and operation can be centrally controlled, production status and equipment faults can be automatically reported, and indicators of the production line can be monitored in a real-time manner. The main operation work in the production line was completed in just three months. In feeding and trial production, the equipment ran stably. Therefore, the owner spoke highly of the project, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth transfer.

In recent years, Sinoma Energy Conservation has promoted the application of energy-conserving materials through the improvement of the industrial distribution of energy-conserving and new materials, the transformation of the growth model, more intensive R&D of new energy-conserving wall materials, scientific research and innovation in product performance and suitability, full use of construction of industrial bases, and enhancement of intelligence and advancedness of technologies and equipment. WBMDI has been cooperating with quality customers in product performance, technical services and project management, and has undertaken and completed projects in China’s Guangdong, Hubei, Henan, Shanxi and other provinces and in Turkey,Saudi Arabia and other countries,having created economic and social benefits.

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