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ISO20343:2017, Prepared by CTC, Officially Published

Source: CTC

Date: Feb 10, 2017

Recently, ISO 20343: 2017 “Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) -- Test method for determining elastic modulus of thick ceramic coatings at elevated temperature”, which was drafted by China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. (CTC), was officially published at the headquarters of ISO. This is the sixth new international standard published by CTC after the publication ISO 13124 which was the first international standard transformed through technology with independent intellectual property rights in the Chinese building materials industry. It was completed by the central academy with the leadership of chief scientist Bao Yiwang.

Due to such features as heat resistance, wear resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, ceramic coatings are widely applied in important components of many fields. As for ceramic coatings at elevated temperature, it is hard to create a testing environment with elevated temperature, and separate the coatings from the base, so assessing its mechanical property at elevated temperature has always been an international problem.

In 2013, ISO sought for the testing technology of ceramic coatings from the world. CTC submitted the relative method to ISO/TC206 through Standardization Administration of PRC to compete with proposals from other countries. After fierce competition and debates, ISO Consulting Committee approved the proposal from China due to its originality and general applicability.

ISO/TC 206 set up the project of this international standard in March, 2014. In the following over 2 years, through various phases, including NP, WD, CD, DIS, FDIS, CTC established theoretical models, discussed it in many international conferences, and received a large number of suggestions from international experts and competitors. CTC collected, analyzed and calculated these suggestions, examined all kinds of testing factors through a great amount of experiments, and finally gained the approval from international experts.

ISO 20343 established the testing method of elevated temperature elasticity modulus of thick ceramic coatings. The successful publication not only assessed the elevated temperature elasticity modulus of ceramic coatings, but also filled the technological gap of ceramic coatings both at home and aboard, which was of great importance for guaranteeing the security and reliability of the whole structure, optimizing the production process, and military products and national defense. Meanwhile, it also showed the innovation capability and core competitiveness of CTC as a provider of highly-technological testing and certificating services. In the future, CTC will continue to focus on scientific innovation capabilities, and win more international speaking rights for the development of Chinese building materials testing industry!


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