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CTIEC Signed a Contract on Float Glass Process Improvement in Indonesia

Source: CTIEC

Date: Jan 25, 2017

On January 24, the signing ceremony for CTIEC as the general contractor of the improvement of TS-3 500 t/d float glass production line was held in Semarang, Indonesia.

The Indonesian TS-3 500 t/d float glass production line was an overseas contracted project signed by CTIEC with Tensindo of Indonesia in 1993, which is also one of the earliest projects of Chinese float glass technologies and equipment in the overseas market. Since the project had generated a good performance after it was put into production, the owner signed a project of 900 t/d float glass production line with CTIEC in 2004, which was of the largest scale among Chinese projects in overseas market. The project was completed in 2007, and is running till now.


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