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Phase II of the Cogeneration Project for Lucky Cement Limited Connected to the Utility Grid

Source: Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd

Date: Jan 23, 2017

On January 22, under the phase II of the cogeneration project built by for Lucky Cement Limited, connection to the grid was achieved, which marked another successful cooperation between the two parties after the electricity generation under the first phase of cogeneration project in 2010.

Under this project, two cement production lines respectively with a daily output of 2,400 tons were used, which will offer an installed power of 10 megawatt. To complete this project, staff at Department of Energy Conservation Project under CNBM accomplished work in spite of hardships. Pressed for time and facing hard task, the staff quickened the design progress and shorten the time for bidding of the project. When constructing main power house, the staff dealt with the installation of turbine ahead of time and overcame the difficulties caused by the dusty and hash environment on the site and slow progress of local civil construction. In addition, the staff intensified equipment quality testing to ensure high quality of the project. In order to complete the project smoothly, the whole department strive to fulfill tasks simultaneously by continuous operations.

With the project connected to the grid as scheduled, CNBM won praise from the employer, laying a solid foundation for possible cooperation with LUCKY Cement Limited in various areas and bearing fruitful results for the friendship between Pakistan and China.


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