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Leaders of the Group Met with Assistant of Housing Department of Tanzania

Source: CNBM

Date: Jan 18, 2017

On January 17, Huang Anzhong, Vice President of CNBM met with Moses J.M.Kusiluka, Assistant of Housing Department of Tanzania, and Saidi Hussein Massoro, Ambassador of Tanzania in China, at the headquarters of the group. Both sides had in-depth communication on cooperation, overseas logistics trading, new housing, etc.

Huang Anzhong introduced the overall strength and development strategy of the group, and achievements obtained in the fields of overseas logistics trading and new housing. He said that as Tanzania was an important country along the “the Belt and Road”, China promoted capacity cooperation with Tanzania and its surrounding countries in recent years, and carried out cooperation in such forms as logistics distribution center, overseas warehouse, building materials industrial park, etc. New housing of CNBM integrated strengths of multiple sides, formed distinctive new assembly systems, and made great contributions to the industrialization of Tanzania and the improvement of livelihood of local people.

Moses J.M.Kusiluka thanked CNBM for its contribution to the development of Tanzania, and recognized the Group’s new assembly system. As he introduced, since the Tanzanian government has accelerated the progress of capital relocation, Dodoma, the new capital, lacks infrastructure and houses. He hoped that CNBM could join the construction of infrastructure and houses in Tanzania, and encouraged various cooperation forms. He said that they would provide guarantee and support for CNBM to join construction projects.


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