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CTIEC Won the Bid of Heidelberg Cement Projects

Source: CTIEC

Date: Jan 16, 2017

On January 13, CTIEC won the Phase IV coal transportation project of Shymkent Cement Plant of Heidelberg Cement AG. This project is the first Herdelberg Cement project won by CTIEC after Herdelberg Cement purchased Italcementi Gruppo, marking a new chapter in the cooperation between CTIEC and Heidelberg Cement AG.

With a history of over 140 years, Heidelberg Cement AG is the second largest cement manufacturer in the world, operating in over 60 countries across the globe. As a high-end international owner, it adopts strict requirements for security, cost, progress and quality. The Phase IV coal transportation project is the EPC turn-key project, including design, transformation, supply, transportation, customs clearance, construction, commissioning, performance examination, etc. The bidding of this project lasted for over five months, and the competition was very fierce. After six rounds of offers and multiple negotiations, CTIEC finally won the bid.

The Shymkent clinker line project, which was signed between CNBM and Italcementi in October, 2012, was the fastest overseas project. Its security and quality exceeded the requirements of contract, and each key performance indicator was excellent. Therefore, it has been praised by Heidelberg Cement AG on many occasions, and was regarded as an internal benchmark by the owner. Phase III project of Shymkent cement plant, which was signed by CTIEC in September, 2015 and commenced on May, 2016, is basically completed now, which is over one month in advance of the contract schedule. At present, it is preparing for the performance examination. Winning the bid shows that Heidelberg Cement AG highly recognizes CTIEC, the favorable relationship between CTIEC and Heidelberg Cement AG is extended, and a solid foundation is laid for a long-term partnership between both sides.


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