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CTIEC Signed Contract of Cogeneration Project in Bangladesh

Source: CTIEC

Date: Jan 16, 2017

On January 15, the signing ceremony of cogeneration project contract of a 400 t/d float glass production line between CTIEC and Narsir Float Glass of Bangladesh was held in Shenzhen. On behalf of each side, Peng Shou, Chairman and President of CTIEC, and Nasir, Chairman and President of Nasir Float Glass, signed the project contract.

Since the signing of a 250 t/d float glass production line in 2002, both sides have signed and built production lines of armoured, coated, and silvering glass production lines of glass ware and tubing, silica sand dressing plant, transformation of a 250 t/d float glass production line to a 400 t/d one, a 600 t/d float glass production line, cogeneration projects, etc. After close cooperation for over 10 years, Nasir Float Glass has become the largest manufacturer and provider of glass in Bangladesh, and CTIEC has improved its market share and competitiveness in Bangladesh.


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