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Pakistan CCCL Second-Phase Waste Heat Power Generation Project Generally Contracted to Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd Achieved First-time-correct Connected Grid Power Generation

Source: Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd

Date: Dec 26, 2016

On December 20, the Cherat Cement Company ltd. (CCCL) second-phase waste heat power generation project generally contracted to Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd achieved first-time-correct connected grid.

This project is located in the northwest frontier province of Pakistan and belongs to Ghulam Faruque Group (GFG). It is for the auxiliary construction of 6 MW waste heat power generation project by the use of a production line with a daily output of 3500 tons of cement clinker. This project is also the result of another hand-in-hand cooperation of both sides after the successful power generation of the first-phase waste heat power generation project in 2010.

In early August, 2015, Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd organized its staff to the site to conduct basic design confirmation, discussed with the owners for many times according to the site specific conditions, and optimized the design scheme so as to lay a solid foundation for the follow-up smooth construction of the project. In the process of project implementation, the project team has overcome such difficulties as scorching heat and rainy season construction, maintained a strict standard for quality and progress, and ensured the completion of project installation ahead of schedule. In the phase of system integration and test as well as the final sprint for power generation, the project department and the debug unit have made concerted efforts and worked overtime, thus finally ensuring the successful completion of the project and the connected grid power generation ahead of time.

This project has achieved smooth connected grid power generation ahead of time and been highly praised by the owners again, thus laying a solid foundation for further deepening the cooperation in various fields between Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd and GFG as well as making positive contributions to Pakistan’s economic take-off and the rich fruits of the flower of friendship between China and Pakistan.


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