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The Delegation Led by Ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming Inspected Sinoma Zambia Industrial Park

Source: Sinoma Cement

Date: Dec 23, 2016

Recently, the delegation led by Yang Youming, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia and Ouyang Daobing, the Commercial Counselor have conducted a field visit to the Sinoma Zambia building materials industrial park project invested by Sinoma Cement, and Zhang Yuanci, vice general manager of Sinoma Cement and president of Sinoma Mpande has received them.

The delegation led by Yang Youming have visited the commercial concrete station that has been put into production and the incoming road that has been started to use, inspected and investigated the construction sites of the living quarters of Chinese staff and cement production lines, and acquired detailed knowledge of such contents as the overall planning, project progress, product positioning, boosting the export of Chinese equipment and the development of China-invested enterprises, fulfilling social responsibilities, safety management and environmental protection standard. Yang points out that the overall planning and project implementation speed of Sinoma Zambia building materials industrial park have fully showed the confidence and determination of Sinoma Cement as the investor for its advanced project operation mode, diversified future products as well as its “combination blow” of varied patterns and attack-defense integration. Construction sites of the projects are well regulated with effective safety facilities and management as well as rapid project progress, all of which depend on the solid “basic skills”. Industrial park projects are rarely seen in Zambia and even Africa, and it is worthwhile for China’s foreign-investment enterprises to learn and promote. He also says that this project has undertaken a lot of social responsibilities and made invaluable contributions to the development of local economy and the improvement of the living standards of local residents. The industrial park is not only an excellent investment project, but also conforms to the spirits of “the Belt and Road Initiative” and is an excellent case of “Going Out” of China’s state-owned enterprises. We hope the industrial park project will be successfully completed and put into production, bring benefits at an early date, and become a first-grade enterprise in Zambia and even a top-ranking modern enterprise in Africa and the world.


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