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The First Biomass Power Generation Project Generally Contracted to Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd Passed Acceptance Check

Source: Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd

Date: Dec 22, 2016

On December 21, the first biomass power generation project generally contracted to Sinoma Energy Conservation --- MAXIMIZE CAPACITY OF TS4 and TS6 PROJECT of Siam Cement Group has passed the acceptance check and obtained the PAC.

This project is the project of technical improvement and capacity expansion of the No. 4 and No. 6 cement kiln waste heat power generation project of Thung Song cement plant of Siam Cement Group. Scope of work includes the addition of a kiln waste heat boiler with a steam output of 18 tons per hour for the original No. 6 cement kiln, the construction of a circulating fluidized bed biomass boiler with rubber tree bark as main fuel and a steam output of 40 tons per hour as well as the auxiliary construction of a set of 2 MW back-pressure turbine power unit. After the completion of the project construction, the newly-added back-pressure unit can provide a generation load of 1600 KW. At the same time, the steam of kiln boiler and the exhaust steam of back-pressure unit can add a generation load of 8300 KW to the original 22 MW waste heat power generator unit of the cement plant.

As the first biomass power generation general contract project of Sinoma Energy Conservation, Sinoma Energy Conservation has achieved the optimal design in the selection of project alternatives, given full consideration to the project construction cost from the aspects of capital investment, resource saving, procurement and construction, and realized the revenue maximization for the owners. In the performance test in October, the actual operation indicators have been 20% higher than contract guarantee values, and it has been highly appreciated and well accepted by the owners since it has created more investment income for them than they expected.

Thanks to the smooth implementation of this project, Sinoma Energy Conservation has further deepened its good collaborative relationship with Siam Cement Group, accumulated the experience in general contracting services of biomass power generation, and laid a solid foundation for the further expansion of relevant new industries.


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