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International Standard ISO19603 Led and Formulated by CTC was Officially Released in 2016

Source: CTC

Date: Dec 19, 2016

Recently, the international standard ISO19603, that is, the international standard for “Fine ceramics (high-performance ceramics and high-tech ceramics) --- test methods for elasticity modulus and strength of the thick coats of ceramics” drafted and put into force by CTC has been officially released in the headquarters of ISO, which is the fifth new international standard successfully released by CTC, and it is led and completed by Bao Yiwang, the chief scientist.

This international standard was officially approved in ISO/TC 206 in November, 2013. With a duration of more than 3 years, it has passed through such phases as NP, WD, CD, DIS and FDIS as well as the discussion, consultation and experimental verification of many international conferences, and finally won unanimous recognition.

ISO19603 has established the test methods for elasticity modulus and strength of the thick coats of ceramics, thus filling in technical gaps after the study of the influences of various test factors and experimental verification. It is also of great significance to improve the new product development of our country, especially for military products and national defense construction. With broad application prospects, related technologies of the international standard can also be applied in the evaluation of the elasticity modulus and strength of glass tubes, cement pipes and laminated materials. The successful release of this international standard has not only manifested CTC’s innovation capability and core competitiveness as the high-tech service industry of inspection and certification, but has also strived for more international discourse rights for the test and development of building materials of our country.


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