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CNBM Marched Towards Wisdom Agriculture

Source: CNBM

Date: Dec 19, 2016

On December 14 to 16, Song Zhiping, Chairman of CNBM, visited many leading companies of the greenhouse industry in the Netherlands including Rijk Zwaan, PRIVA and HOOGENDOORN and had talks with the senior executives of each side respectively in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Their talks are efficient and fruitful since they have talked freely about their future cooperation and looked into the prospect for cooperation. After the talks, the delegation led by Song Zhiping have also visited the enterprises and factories of each side, and paid field visit to the location of related projects.

During their trip in the Netherlands, the delegation led by Song Zhiping have also paid a special visit to DALSEM, a well-known greenhouse company and met with the following senior executives including its President JanPieter, CFO M.Boesenach and Michael Ploeg, the Director of Asia region. Both sides have witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between CNBM and DALSEM.

Song says that as a country with a long history in the greenhouse industry, the Netherlands has rich experience in this regard. It is an arduous task and the road is long for the development of China’s agricultural modernization. CNBM will explore its road of transformation development, commit itself to create a new domain for China’s agriculture and promote China’s agricultural development towards the intelligent and high-end direction on the basis of its industrial strength, technical specialty and talent superiority in such sectors as high-transmittance and ultra clear glass. Relevant enterprises have all said that they look forward to the deeper cooperation with CNBM in modern agriculture and develop the modern agricultural business of China and other countries jointly. Song also points out that both wisdom agriculture and green town are strategic innovation industries with broad market space, which can strive for the key support of green industry funds.

Currently, CTIEC has signed cooperation agreements on the development of wisdom agriculture with Dezhou of Shandong Province, Taizhou of Jiangsu Province, Meishan of Sichuan Province, Siping of Jilin Province and Jiamusi of Heilongjiang Province, and the above projects have been carried forward in an orderly and steady manner in accordance with the unified arrangements of CNBM.


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