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Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd Completed the First Pulverized Coal Furnace Power Generation Project in Pakistan

Source: Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd

Date: Dec 16, 2016

On December 15, the 30 MW private station project of DG KHAN cement plant in Pakistan contracted to Sinoma Energy Conservation has successfully passed the performance test and obtained PAC certificate, marking the successful completion of the first pulverized coal furnace power generation project in Pakistan.

The project is high in technical requirements and design difficulties since it has adopted isolated network operation and also given consideration to the re-use of fly ash. Such problems need to be solved as the continuous switchover of power control and frequency control, revolving speed and load regulation of the turbine as well as the carbon content of fly ash. Sinoma Energy Conservation has carried out optimization design based on its leading professional technical team. First of all, Sinoma Energy Conservation has optimized the Woodward 505 control system of the turbine, realized the undisturbed switching of isolated network and connected grid status of the power station, thoroughly resolved such difficulties as the transition of running status from isolated network to connected grid, the frequency fluctuation of isolated network operation and load control. Meanwhile, it has also controlled the carbon content of fly ash through the optimal configuration of boiler combustion system, thus realizing the re-use of fly ash in the production of cement, effectively improving the cement strength and creating higher economic benefits for the owners.

This project is another pulverized coal furnace power generation project after many waste heat power generation projects such as FAUJI, PEZU, LUCKY, CHERAT and the ICI fluidized bed power generation project, which has fully embodied the professional technical capability and market development capability of Sinoma Energy Conservation in “the Belt and Road” and China-Pakistan economic corridor layout.


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