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Concrete Stirring Station in Sinoma Zambia Building Material Industry Park Went into Operation

Source: CNBM

Date: Nov 24, 2016

Concrete stirring station in Sinoma’s Zambia Building Material Industry Park went into Operation on 23rd, November. With the operation of concrete stirring station, construction of the first large volume concrete casting project in the park-concrete casting for kiln inlet foundation and the first pile foundation-foundation for raw material homogenizing silo-formally begins

Delivery of concrete mixing station equipment from china began in early July while civil construction work also started. In early October, equipments arrived at the industry park and installation began. With rigorous organization and coordination from Sinoma Mpande and EPC companies, the project has overcome a series of difficulties including construction in the rainy season, organization of raw materials and the absence of large device and tools and has also completed multiple tasks such as assembling and hoisting of large equipments, linkage trial running of main and auxiliary machinery, laboratory and site experiment on the ratio of concrete. At last, concrete stirring station went into operation as designed which marked the formal operation of the first building material in the industry park.

Building material in phase 1 planning of the industry park includes cement, aggregate, machine made sand, commercial concrete and sintered brick. Operation of the concrete mixing station not only filled the blank in the southeast part of Lusaka, but also provided guarantee for other projects in the industry park.


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