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Mr. Song Zhiping Delivered a Speech in the 11th Drucker Forum

Source: CNBM

Date: Nov 21, 2016

The 11th Peter Drucker Management Practice Forum, jointly organized by Peter F. Drucker Academy and Geju Business School, was held on 19th, November in Beijing. Theme of the forum is “management changes china and Innovation forges our future”. Daughter of Peter F. Drucker Mrs Cecily Drucker addressed in the forum via video. Board chairman of CNBM Mr. Song Zhiping delivered a keynote speech “innovation mission of a large enterprise”. Chinese documentary director Mr. Li Chengcai, former party secretary and vice president of CALT (China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology) Mr. Liang Xiaohong and president of Peter F. Drucker Academy Mr. Wang Xin also took part in the forum.

Based on CNBM’s management practice, Mr. Song Zhiping shared his opinions on enterprise innovation from three aspects. 1, large enterprise’s innovation is very important. An enterprise can only realize sustainable development by constant innovating. Currently, there is a wave of people starting their own business and making innovations in china. However, large enterprise still plays a critical role in the continuous innovating of major technology and industry transformation and upgrading. Large enterprise, while making continuous innovations shall also learn how to make disruptive innovations. Innovation means that large enterprise needs to be the pillars and small and medium sized enterprise need to innovate in their large numbers so as to establish a complete innovation system.2, large enterprise and small and medium sized enterprise shall innovate collaboratively. Large enterprise and small and medium sized enterprise are a group. They complement each other and are closely interconnected. Large enterprise is the user as well as the development engine of small and medium sized enterprise when a large enterprise is strong, the survival of small and medium sized enterprise can be guaranteed. Small and medium sized enterprises are the subcontractors of large enterprise. Well run small and medium sized enterprises are also beneficial for large enterprise. Large enterprise shall establish a platform on which technology from small and medium sized enterprises and academic institutions can be shared. This is a platform which is conducive to the cooperation of capital and technology, a platform on which the combination of research, industry and academy can be truly combined.3, establish a comparative advantage regarding china’s social innovation. In view of the new norms and transformation of Chinese economy, we must step up our efforts in driving development through innovation to solve industry structure reform and exit of overcapacity problem. A new growth momentum must be found under new circumstance. Chinese enterprise’s innovating has its comparative advantage, its expansive space, abundant intellectual resource and unique innovation wisdom. Chinese enterprise shall gain a competitive edge in the globe by keeping innovating, shall rebuild confidence, unite advantages from various parties and be committed to the forging of a state of the art enterprise.

Peter Drucker Forum is a symposium in the field of the practice and research of Peter F Drucker thoughts. Its level is the highest and scales the largest in china. It is also the only sharing and learning forum for Drucker’s classic management thoughts. 19th November was the birthday of Peter F drucker. Guests of the forum proposed that the date will be the day on which we will learn, use management, put management into practice and rethink management.


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