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CNBM issued English Version of Report on Social Responsibility

Source: CNBM

Date: Nov 11, 2016

Starting from 2012, CNBM Group has issued English version of Report on Social Responsibility for 5 years in a row. On the basis of the Chinese version, English version of the report for 2015 was edited according to the core proposal ofG4 Guidelines on Sustainable Development issued by GRI. The report elaborates rules, logics and responsibility performing practices of sustainable development for the group from six major themes including responsibility management, market performance, energy saving and environment protection, employee care, enterprise citizen and innovation. The report has set up a communication platform for the group’s development of international business.

Please visit click “social responsibility” column to download electronic report. For paper report, please contact us at

Contact person: Shi Lijie

Tel: 010-68138165



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