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Beijing Triumph’s Renovation Project for Cement Producing Line in Egypt Went on Smoothly

Source: Beijing Triumph

Date: Nov 8, 2016

On the date of 6th, November, during his stay in Egypt, general manager assistant of CNBM Mr. Wei Feng went to Helwan and visited gas to coal renovation project undertaken by Beijing Triumph for 2 cement producing lines (daily capacity for each line is 5000 tons) in Heidelberg Group’s Helwan cement factory.

Mr. Weifeng first paid a visit to the project site and was debriefed on the project’s localized management and BIM’s application in project management. This project adopts Europe standard and its design is three-dimension. The project is not only strict with its firefight and anti-explosion level, but also has high standard on project quality, schedule and safety. Contract for the whole project will be awarded in three parts: civil construction, steel structure and equipment installation, electrical and automation installation.

Wei Feng highly appreciated Egypt project team’s achievement and also praised project team’s work. He pointed out that Egypt project team of Beijing Triumph is a young team. The team put advanced BIM project management tool into practice and tried their best to overcome difference in culture and language to carry out localized management. Local employee accounts for more than 40% of total workforce. Mr. Wei Feng hoped that the project team can further emancipate thoughts, united solidly, size opportunities and go about work steadily and surely to complete the project earlier and build CNBM’s outstanding enterprise and brand image in Egypt.


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