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The 2016 Sino-Central Asia National Building Materials Technology Seminar Was Held in Alma-Ata

Source: China Building Materials Academy

Date: Oct 26, 2016

On October 25, the “2016 Sino-Central Asia National Building Materials Technology Seminar” hosted by Asian Cement and Concrete Research Academy and China Building Materials Academy, and undertaken by SM Business and (National) Building Materials Industry Promotion Center was held in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. “Central Asian Branch of Asian Cement and Concrete Research Academy” officially inaugurated the establishment in the seminar, and became the platform for the distribution of the collision and sublimation of innovative thoughts, for communication and exhibition of innovative achievements, and for the spread of innovative technology for colleagues of building materials from China and Central Asia.

Honored guests from China include Academician Xu Delong, Vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and honorary president of Asian Cement and Concrete Research Academy, Mi Guixiong, Consul for Science and Technology of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and Yao Yan, Vice President of China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd, President of Asian Cement and Concrete Research Academy and president of China Building Materials Academy. And distinguished guests from Central Asia include Askar, Vice Director of Alma-Ata Government Construction Bureau, An Husai, Vice Chairman of Kazakhstan Tungan Association, Kesar, General Manager of Uzbekistan Cement Group, Walid Chung, Vice General manager of Tadzhikistan Osmonbus Construction Company, Kara, General Manager of Jambyl Cement Company, and Milesi, Manager of Kazakhstan branch of Heidelberg Company. The seminar was co-hosted by Ma Mingliang, Vice President of China Building Materials Academy and Director of (National) Building Materials Industry Promotion Center, and Aivar Sargaskayev, General Manager of Kazakhstan SM Business Company. Chinese guests Academician Xu Delong and Consul Mi Guixiong together with Kazakhstan representatives — president An Husai and Mr. Aivar made a speech respectively.

Xu Delong pointed out that China and countries from Central Asia were making efforts developing infrastructure and livelihood construction, and the construction materials were the most basic materials. However, the use of resource and energy led to a series of environmental problems, which had aroused the consideration and pursuit of green development from contemporary world. China is willing to share the achievements in the field of green building materials and green manufacturing with friends from Central Asia. This seminar would be a new start for the mutual development of China and countries from Central Asia, and would contribute to the completion of sustainable development of Asian building materials industry.

Mi Guixiong stressed that Chinese “One Belt and One Road” strategy and the Kazakhstan new economic policy of “Shining Road” closely matched and they promoted each other. Asian Cement and Concrete Research Academy was established under the strategic frame of “One Belt and One Road”, and the Central Asian Branch was formed with the opportunity of the docking of “One Belt and One Road” and “Shining Road”. The scientific and technological cooperation and communication for China and countries from Central Asia in the field of building materials would be widely improved.

Aivar gave credit that the seminar had provided a communication platform for the promotion and development of advanced technology of the building materials industry for China and Central Asian countries, and setting up the Central Asian Branch was a pioneering work that kept the pace with the times. The industrial innovation development project is one of the important developing projects for the economic development of Kazakhstan government at present, and the development of the building materials industry is the weathervane for the development of economy. The setup of the Central Asian Branch would be the most important part in the product application and communication mechanism of Sino-Central Asian advanced science and technology. The activity held by Central Asian Branch is believed to become one of the most popular in the Central Asian building materials industry in the future.

In the period of technological discussion, seven Chinese experts had made wonderful reports in different aspects including cement, glass, new type building materials and new type houses. The reports included “Discussion of the Future of Cement Industry” by academician Xu Delong, “Energy Reservation and Emission Reduction Technique of Cement” by Wei Wenrong, Vice General Manager of Beijing Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd, “Developing Trend Analysis on Cement Industry in Central Asian Areas” by Wang Qi, Vice General Economist of Beijing Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd, “Green Manufacturing Technology and Application of Energy Saving Wall Materials” by Xiao Hui, Party Secretary of Xi'an Research & Design Institute of Wall & Roof Materials, “Technology and Products of Building Energy Saving Glass” by Zuo Yan, President of Glass Brach of China Building Materials Academy, “Precast Concrete and Precast Energy-Saving Houses” by Tang Yujiao, Director of New Housing Department of Industrial Productivity Promotion Center of China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd, and “Introduction to New Type Building Materials Technology and Equipment” by Cheng Hua, President of China New Building Materials Design & Research Institute.

Xu Delong, Yao Yan and Xiao Xin warmly met with An Husai during the period. An Husai introduced the overall political and economic situation, industrial profile, national strategy, construction plans and the cooperation development with China in recent years in Kazakhstan and the whole Central Asian areas. Both sides expressed the wish to strengthen cooperation, improve friendship and promote the all-round cooperation in the field of building materials. They had also a preliminary discussion on the recent cooperation.

With sufficient natural resources and good industrial foundation, Kazakhstan is the fastest-developing country in the Commonwealth of the Independent States. It holds two third of the economic power in the Central Asian Five Countries. There are so many opportunities since the energy resource industry in Central Asian areas and China manufacturing industry are greatly complementary. Beijing Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd has completed five cement engineering projects in Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. It is believed that the convening of the seminar and the establishment of the Central Asian Branch would greatly promote the extent and influence of CNBM and CBMA in the field of building materials in Central Asian areas, and would highly improve the deep cooperation between China and Central Asian countries in the field of science, technology, economy and trade.


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