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Liu Zhijiang Left for Vietnam for Investigation and Communication

Source: CNBM

Date: Oct 24, 2016

On October 18-22, Liu Zhijiang, Party Secretary and vice president of CNBM and president of China National Material Company Limited, was invited to Vietnam leading a delegation. He had had investigation and communication about deepen pragmatic cooperation and promotion of mutual benefit and development with cooperation partners Vietnam Long Son Company Limited, Vietnam Caesar Group and Vietnam Thanh Thang Cement Group Company. He also inspected the construction situation of the project with Shen Jun, President of Sinoma International (Nanjing), and Yin Zhisong, General Manager accompanied.

Since stepping into Vietnam market in 2003, Sinoma International has shot to fame and quickly occupied the Vietnam cement market relying on the excellent performance of the Fushan Cement production line general contracting project with a daily production of 5000 tons. In recent years, Sinoma International takes the cement project with a daily production of 6000 tons in Vietnam Long Son. The 2x6000TPD Blue River cement project of the Caesar Group, and the cement project with a daily production of 6000 tons in Vietnam Thanh Thang one after another. Simultaneously, It signed contract on the second stage project with a daily production of 6000 tons in Long Son and the second stage 2x6000TPD Blue River cement project of the Caesar Group. Till now, there are 37 engineering projects in total, with accumulative amount of 1.76 billion dollars in the contract.

During the time in Vietnam, Liu Zhijiang had a meeting with Zheng Guanghai, President of Vietnam Long Son Company Limited. Liu Zhijiang expressed that Long Son Company is the important partner of Sinoma International, and both have a great cooperation experience. We value the cooperation relationship between us, so we should make efforts to debug well the Long Son first line and focus the technical power into the second stage construction as soon as possible. He also introduced the business region, development situation and the investment intension in Southeast Asia after reconstruction. Zheng Guanghai expressed that the new Group had leading technology and sufficient experience in the field of cement technology equipment engineering. He showed gratitude to the support and cooperation of Sinoma International with Long Son cement project, and wished to further broaden the cooperation filed with the Group. In the investigation of the situation of Long Son project first line construction, Liu Zhijiang emphasized that Sinoma International occupied most of the share in the Vietnam cement EPC market, so we should make efforts to work on the projects at hand, keep with the market and serve the clients; We should focus on the investigation and analysis of the market, promote the localized management of the project, make use of the synergy of Sinoma International in the international market, strengthen the cooperation of EPC and investment projects and positively promote limited relative diversification development; We should work on the safety issues and adapt feasible measures to guarantee the physical and psychological health and manufacturing safety of the staff.

Liu Zhijiang introduced the strategic target, development advantages and achievements of the Group when meeting with Huang Mengchang, President of Vietnam Caesar Group, and Ruan Yuying, the General Manger. He also expressed the will of further deepen comprehensive cooperation. Huang Mengchang indicated that the Caesar Blue River Cement project by Sinoma International had short construction period, reliable equipment quality and great operation conditions, which had created great benefit for the Caesar Group. He also hoped to setup investment project cooperation in Southeast Asia and Africa with Sinoma International.

Liu Zhijiang introduced the strategic target and regulation of “one belt and one road” countries’ development and investment along the line of the Group when meeting with Du Wenjin, President of Vietnam Thanh Thang Group. Both sides summarized the experience of the cooperation, communicated on the strategic cooperation and planned to develop the cement market in Vietnam and Southeast Asia jointly.


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