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Sinoma Energy Reservation Ltd Attracted Attention on the 15th China International Exposition of Housing Industry (CIEHI) & Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization

Source: Sinoma Energy Reservation Ltd

Date: Oct 14, 2016

On November 13, the 15th China International Exposition of Housing Industry & Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization was held in Beijing. Sinoma Energy Reservation Ltd took part in the exhibition of the 2016 CIEHI with the content group of “the demonstration and experience center of the passive house”, and had attracted wide attention of the industry.

The CIEHI was co-hosted by House Industrialization Promotion Center of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural, China Real Estate Association and China Architectural Culture Center, whose topic was “developing prefabricated building and constructing green livable houses”. Nearly 1000 enterprises took part in the exposition and had intensively demonstrated the leading industrialized packaged technology and products both at home and abroad, such as house energy saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection. This year’s CIEHI played an important role in the rapid development of energy saving houses and the construction of resource saving and environmental friendly society.

Sinoma Energy Reservation Ltd has been optimizing the five system integration of the passive house. Based on constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, low noise, proper brightness and many other advantages of the living environment, it is to positively promote the application of new materials and new technology in passive house products relying on its strong background of the energy saving construction materials. Intelligent architecture elements are also added to the passive house according to humanistic ideas, in order to achieve building living environment with better experience for residents, and to fully demonstrate the advantages and innovation of Sinoma Energy Reservation on passive house products.

The “demonstration and experience center of the passive house” is the window for Sinoma Energy Reservation Ltd to popularize passive house products in China and the exhibition platform for the construction materials industrial association of the company. Sinoma Energy Reservation devotes itself to the whole industrial chain service for clients with technology, design, engineering, authentication and investment related to passive house. It wishes to share the green profit of the passive house energy saving benefit, and to make efforts to form the professional energy saving platform of passive house products in the field of construction energy savings.


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