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Ignition of Vietnam Song Lam Clinker Cement Production Line General Contracted by Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd Succeeded One-time

Source: Sinoma International (Nanjing)Engineering Co., Ltd

Date: October 20, 2016

On October 17, ignition of Vietnam Song Lam Project B line clinker cement production line with the daily output of 6000 ton general contracted by Sinoma International (Nanjing)Engineering Co., Ltd was succeeded one-time.

Huang Mengchang, President of VISSAI Group (Owner of Song Lam Project), had expressed sincere gratitude to the phage achievement made in the harsh environment, tensile duration. At the same time, he made requirements and targets for the operation in the following two lines. Xu Yaping, Vice General Manager of Sinoma Suzhou thanked VISSAI Group for its years of trust and cooperation with Sinoma International and promised to push forward all works of the project strictly according to Owner’s requirements.

Over the past year, the Project Department overcame the regional cultural differences, high temperature, rainy, strong typhoons and other unfavorable factors, scientifically organized and reasonably arranged. It ensured the safety, quality and duration. All workers worked hard in bad weathers and ultimately completed the landmark node goal and made the stage victory. The Project Department will make persistent efforts, try to product qualified cement clinker as soon as possible and complete the performance assessment of achieving production targets.


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