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China National Building Material Group Attended China-Latin America Industry Cooperation Exhibition, and Li Yuanchao and President of Uruguay Came to the Group Booth for Guidance

Source: CNBM

Date: October 17, 2016

On October 14, the China-Latin America Industry Cooperation Exhibition, jointly sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, People's Bank of China, Inter-American Development Bank and Hebei Provincial People's Government, opened in Tangshan, Hebei Province. It aims to showcase China's advantageous production capacity, technology and featured products in Latin American countries, so as to promote trade, investment and industrial cooperation of both Parties. China National Building Material Group, the only representative enterprise in building materials was invited to the exhibition. It has shown the cement production line, new houses and other building materials industry, advanced technology, equipment and cooperation results with Latin American countries.  

The 10th China-LAC Business Summit was held then, Li Yuanchao (Vice President of PRC) and Tavaire Vazquez (President of Uruguay) co-inspected the Exhibition. And they came to the booth of China National Building Material Group for visiting and learning of detail condition. Huang Anzhong, Vice General President of China National Building Material Group, made a detail description to the leaders. He introduced the overall situation of two materials reorganization. He said that as the world's leading integrated building materials industry group, China National Building Material Group ranked first in many building product capacity and international cerement engineering market; he showed the spectacular panorama of the world's most advanced 2X10000 tons / day new-type drying cerement production line and energy 5.0 new house which is energy-saving and environment friendly, and made a detail introduction for related products and service.

Li Yuanchao was very interested in the results of the Group in the field of new technology and equipment, and he asked about the situation. At present, the Group has exported its superior products and services to many countries in Latin America. In Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and other countries, a number of building materials projects including cement production lines and new houses have been implemented. And the Group has huge cooperation potential with Latin American countries in new house, new energy, new materials and other areas in the future. When he learned of international capacity cooperation results between China National Building Material Group and Latin American countries, he fully affirmed the Group's contribution to the industrialization and infrastructure development of the Latin American countries.

Huang Anzhong said that the Group would continue to strongly promote multi-area and deep-level cooperation with Latin American countries and make a more important contribution for the development of local economy and society.

Yin Jihua, General Manager of BNBM House, Meng Qinglin, President of Sinoma Overseas, and related workers of Hefei Cement Institute attended the Exhibition.


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