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Preheat Frame Item of First Phase Clinker Cement Production Line with the Daily Output of 2500 Ton in Zambia Building Materials Industrial Park has been Officially Excavated and Constructed

Source: Sinoma

Date: October 17, 2016

According to the “Go Global” international strategic arrangements of central enterprises, Zambia Building Materials Industrial Park Project, which takes the Sinoma Cement as the investment subject is carrying out vigorously. Apart from the First Phase Clinker Cement Production Line with the daily output of 2500 ton in Zambia Building Materials Industrial Park has been excavated and constructed, vitrified brick, commercial concrete, aggregates and sand, lime, calcium silicate board and other production line project will be constructed as scheduled. Zambia Building Materials Industrial Park will give full play to the existing technology, equipment, management, capital, talent and other advantages, provides system integration service of building materials product and contributes to the economic development of Zambia.

Through the active planning, full demonstration and sincere cooperation between MPANDE Limestone Co., Ltd (Investment Platform Company of Sinoma Cement in Zambia) and Africa Company of Sinoma Construction (General Contractor of the Project), the Preheat Frame Item of Cement Production Line, which is scheduled to be officially excavated and constructed in November, are implemented in October 15 in advance.

On October 15, excavation site of preheat frame base held a concise and solemn commencement ceremony. Workers in MPANDE Company of Sinoma Cement, Africa Company of Sinoma Construction, Shenzhen Nanhua, Zambia Office of Dongfeng Automobile and Shandong Dejian Group Co., Ltd attended the commencement ceremony. Ground breaking of the item is the key point for commencement and construction of Sinoma Cerement Production Line in Zambia Industrial Park, which marks the overall launch of the construction project.  


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