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Song Zhiping Met with Mike Szeman, President of Owens Corning

Source: CNBM

Date: October 15, 2016

On October 13, Mr. Song Zhiping, President of China National Building Material Group, attended the 22nd International Fiberglass Annual Meeting of China Jushi, and met with Mike Szeman (President and CEO of Owens Corning) and his colleagues in Tongxiang headquarter of China Jushi Group. Both Parties have an extensive and in-depth exchange on the current international and domestic economic situation, development of building materials industry, future business cooperation and other matters. After the meeting, both Parties have visited the newly-built China Jushi Intelligent Exhibition Center.

Song Zhiping introduced the relevant background for merger and reorganization of the new China National Building Material Group, overall strategy for the future development of the Group and measures taken for China building materials industry to implement the supply side structural reforms under the new normal conditions.  He said that China National Building Material Group upheld the development ideas of innovation-driven, green development, international cooperation, and it is committed to developing a world-class comprehensive building materials industry group. China National Building Material Group has established close cooperation relationship with some well-known international companies and they wanted to cooperate in the market competition. Owens Corning had rich experience in many aspects, and China National Building Material Group will extend the cooperation strengthen based on supporting the original business and he hoped both Parties could play their respective advantages and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Mike Szemanexpressed his congratulations on the establishment of New China Building Material Group. He pointed out that the restructuring of China Building Material Group and Sinoma Group had a significant impact on the global building materials industry. Mike Szeman also introduced Owens Corning's experience in internationalization and developments of related industries. He said that China Building Material Group has developed rapidly in recent years and a number of businesses are among the best in the world. In the future, the cooperation potential of both parties is huge. He hoped both Parties could strengthen communication, carried out cooperation in more areas in China and even in other countries and promoted the sustained and healthy development of the industry.


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