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CNBM ranked among "Honored Companies" again, Cao Jianglin honored as "Best CEO" for fifth time

Source: CNBM

Date: Aug 2, 2016

The renowned American financial magazine Institutional Investor has recently released its annual "All-Asia Executive Team" ranking. The magazine selected 116 out of 1,541 candidate companies as "Honored Companies". China National Building Material Company Limited (CNBM 3323.HK) was ranked among "Honored Companies" for the fourth consecutive year, moving up to 22nd from 30th last year. Cao Jianglin, President of China National Building Material Company Limited (CNBM 3323.HK), was honored as "Best CEO" for the fifth consecutive year and topped the list of "Best CEOs" in the Asia-Pacific basic materials industry for the fourth consecutive year. Wang Leilei from the Board Secretary Office of China National Building Material Company Limited (CNBM 3323.HK), was listed among "Best IR Professionals" in the Asia-Pacific basic materials Industry.

Institutional Investors selected "Honored Companies" according to the strategic plans, business practices, competitive edge, business performance, return on investment and investor relations of the candidate companies. In 2015, affected by factors such as the mounting pressure of economic downturn under the new normal, cement demands declined, cement overcapacity was serious, cement prices plunged, nearly half of cement enterprises made loss, and the cement demands saw the negative growth of demands for the first time in 25 years. Amid the industrial slump, CNBM withstood unprecedented business pressure, coped with various challenges, comprehensively advanced the integration of production operation with in-depth management, and accelerated transformation and upgrading, so as to develop sustainably above the overall level of the basic materials industry. While overcoming hardships and difficulties, CNBM aimed at the healthy development of the industry, stuck to the business concept of "price-cost-profit" and market competition, made efforts from the supply side, advanced peak-shifting production, kiln shutdown and production limitation, alleviated supply-demand contradiction, promoted the rational regression of cement value, and led the cement industry in outperforming other basic materials industries such as steel and coal.   

Institutional Investor's criterion for "Best CEOs" includes strategic vision, professional competence, professional quality and devotion, as well as whether CEOs are good at earning investors' long-term confidence in companies. Since assuming the post of CEO of CNBM, Cao has taken loyalty and diligence as professional codes, explored a development path according with the concept of international operation, the mode of international operation and the actualities of Chinese enterprises, made outstanding achievements in such aspects as capital operation, reorganization and integration, led the company in achieving a leap, promoted the healthy development of the industry and earned wide praise from international investors.

Founded in 1967, headquartered in New York, Institutional Investors is one of the most influential financial magazines for global institutional investors. It provides industrial research reports and news analyses for elitists in the Wall Street and financial institutions worldwide. As an indispensible news and analysis source of institutional investors in the capital market, it has been ranked among world top financial periodicals. It boasts a series of unique studies and rankings. As its evaluation criterion is strict and a lot of global institutional investors are involved in the evaluation, its evaluation system has become authoritative and leading professional rating criterion in the capital market. This year, the ranking was based on the voting results of 1,394 investment experts from 582 financial institutions. The total amount of Asia-Pacific shares managed by the respondents from the buyers is up to 600 billion US dollars.


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