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Yao Yan meets with delegation led by former Czech PM Petr Necas

Source: CBMA

Date: July 28, 2016

On July 27, Yao Yan, Vice Chairwoman of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) and President of the China Building Materials Academy (CBMA), met with Petr Necas, former Prime Minister of Czech during his visit in Beijing, as well as a delegation from the New Silk Road Infrastructure Construction and Technology Association (New Silk Road Association) of Czech. Ma Mingliang, Vice President of the China Building Materials Academy and General Manager of Beijing Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., chaired the meeting.

Yao warmly welcomed Necas and the delegation. She introduced the industrial status, technology advantage and overseas business development of CNBM and CBMA. CBMA has implemented a lot of international technology cooperation projects in recent years, including European cooperative projects such as technology output and product output, she said. With deep friendship, political stability, and long culture and history, the two sides have huge space for cooperation. Hopefully the meeting will promote mutual understanding and lay the groundwork for future exchange and cooperation.

Necas was honored to visit CBMA and astonished by its technology achievements. The Chinese government and the Czech government have actively promoted the cooperation and exchange between the two sides, currently Czech's building industry is developing rapidly, and it is foreseeable that the prospect of cooperation between the two countries in the fields of building and building materials will be rosy. As a bridge of exchange, the New Silk Road Association can help CBMA develop the European market, especially the Central Europe market and the Eastern Europe market. He expected the two sides to employ respective advantages, forge a longstanding partnership and achieve win-win.

In 2015, the "Belt and Road" initiative proposed by China was advanced in an accelerated and all-round manner. Located in the center of Europe, connecting Central Asia and Western Europe, Czech is the only way to the ancient Silk Road. Czech made a positive response to China's "Belt and Road" initiative. Founded in 2016, the New Silk Road Association aims to establish a forum based on the mechanism of the Summit of China and 16 Central and Eastern European Countries (1+16 Summit), and host it in Prague and China annually, to promote bilateral exchanges in economy, technology and culture; and to promote exchanges among the enterprises in the "16+1" region, as well as cooperation in fields such as technology, product promotion and project contracting.

Accompanied by Yao and Ma, the delegation led by Necas visited the exhibition room and the three-board one-column light-steel anti-seismic energy-efficiency township model house of CBMA.


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