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China Building Materials Academy Invites for the First Time a Foreign Scholar to the Academy for Short-term Cooperative Research

Source: China Building Materials Academy

Date: September 14, 2015

During August 17th - September 7th, in the light of the work plan of “Research on Energy-saving and Sound-insulated Multi-purpose Compound Wall Materials and Structure”, an international sci-tech cooperative project, Dr. Elias Perras from University of Siegen, Germany came as a visiting scholar to State Key Laboratory of Green Building Materials, China Building Materials Academy (CBMA) for short-term cooperative research. It was the first time for CBMA to do so. Foreign Affairs Office, International Sci-Tech Cooperation Office and Logistics Coordination Department gave strong support to the work, life and other aspects of the scholar during his stay, allowing this cooperative project to make good achievements and important progress as well as showing scientific research environment, technical merit and cultural atmosphere of CBMA.

During the cooperation, Dr. Perras worked closely with Dr. Chen Jihao and other members in the project team on heat transmission and sound insulation of composite walls, conducted intensive studies into heat transfer tests on combinations of walls made of different thermal insulating materials and different wall structures, and screened out material and structures with better performance through analog technique by virtue of German advantage in computer analog technology. Meanwhile, the visualized computer analog provided a clearer description of heat transfer process of wall materials, contributed to a clearer idea about numerical modeling for research on heat transfer process of wall through computer analog technology and determined the direction of research on heat transfer through wall. A comparison between sound insulation property test data and computer analog result of single-layer wall, composite wall, double-layer single wall and double-layer composite wall provided a graphical understanding of sound wave propagation and helped determine the focus of research on sound insulation of wall.

On September 7th, Dr. Perras made a summary report on this cooperative research, which was attended by Foreign Affairs Office, International Sci-tech Cooperation Office and relevant young technicians in addition to members of the project team. Owing to short cooperation duration and limitation on computer conditions, Dr. Perras will carry out a more accurate calculation of the procedure in the computer workstation in University of Siegen while the project team will also perform relevant tests according to the direction determined through analog research, so as to push the cooperation further.


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