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Song Zhiping Attends the “Ecological Civilization & Beautiful Home” 2015 China Summit on Caring for Climate

Source: CNBM

Date: July 24, 2015

On July 22, the 3rd “Ecological Civilization & Beautiful Home”China Summit on Caring for Climate sponsored by Global Compact Network China was held in Beijing. Wang Zhongyu (Vice Chairman of the 10th CPPCC, Chairman of China Enterprise Confederation), Fu Chengyu (member of UNGC, Rotating Chairman of Global Compact Network China), Rae Kwon Chung (Principal Advisor on Climate Change of the UN Secretary-General) and Gavin Power (Deputy Director-general of UNGC) attended the summit. Song Zhiping (Chairmanof CNBM) attended and made a keynote speech at the summit upon invitation.

At the summit, Song made the speech themed by “innovate to develop, solid work for future” to share the three-dimensional key actions taken by CNBM to combat climate change. The first is using industrial wastes as raw materials on a large scale, by which CNBM digests 100 million tons industrial wastes every year. The second is vigorously promoting energy saving and emission reduction in production. In detailed, outdated production facilities are proactively closed down in the traditional fields of building materials, such as cement and glass, andenergy-saving and environmental technologies (cogeneration, desulfurization & denitrification, dual dust removal, intelligent control) are promoted in depth to reduce pollutant discharge all around in multiple ways. The third is vigorously developing “three new” (new-type building materials, new house, new materials for energy application) in application. As the world’s largest supplier of wind power blade, CNBM is promoting the energy + 5.0 “green town” (geothermal energy, photo-thermal energy, photoelectric energy, domestic wind power, marsh gas), and will found a CIGS thin-film solar cell producer (annual production capacity: 10GW) in the next 5 years.

As pointed out by Song, combating climate change is a mission of global citizens, and maintaining the blue sky is our common dream. Identifying maintaining the blue sky as its first responsibility, CNBM launched the program “Fulfill the Responsibility of Maintaining the Blue Sky”, which refers to investing RMB 15 billion in environmental protection from 2015 to 2020, in an all-round way in 2015, and will continue to fulfill the mission and maintain the blue sky by taking practical actions.

The election for the “China Top 10 Green Technical Innovations” was an important activity of the summit. The project “intelligent cement mill” of CUCC Tai’an, which is subordinate to CNBM, was successfully included in the “China Top 10 Green Technical Innovations”. In addition, the technical achievement was included in the achievement collection Caring for Climate · China Is Acting, and submitted to competent organizations of the UN and the UN Climate Summit to be held in December in Paris.

As the preliminary meeting of the UN Climate Summit to be held in December, 2015, this summit was themed by “force of action”, and displayed the practical actions taken by the China’s government and Chinese enterprises in caring for climate, promoting ecological civilization and pushing sustainable development in the forms of keynote speech, theme forum and special booth, in multiple angles. It was aimed to drive transformation of development mode, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrade in China, improve quality and efficiency of economic growth and make efforts to realize “Ecological Civilization & Beautiful Home”.

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