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CNBM Has Been Included in the Fortune Global Top 500 Consecutively for 5 Years

Source: CNBM

Date: July 24, 2015

On July 22, Fortune, the Magazine of the US, published the Global Top 500 of 2015 synchronously worldwide. CNBM was included again, namely consecutively for 5 years, and ranked 270th depending on the operating revenue of USD 40.64 billion. Among the 3 building materials enterprises included, CNBM was ranked 2nd, only next to Saint-Gobain. The third one was CRH, the enterprise of Ireland. It is reported that the threshold of the Global Top 500 of 2015 was improved to USD 23.72 billion.

In recent years, adhering to the development strategy of “to be strong, to be excellent, to be world-class”, CNBM has always been on the path of market-oriented growth. Under the leadership of the Chairman Song Zhiping, CNBM realized great-leap-forward development by overcoming difficulties based on unity, andits sales revenue and profit have increased by CAGR above 40% over the past ten-odd years. It has been rated as “A” in annual operating performance Assessmentby the SASAC consecutively for 7 years. In 2014, in the “new normal”, CNBM proactively approached the challenges of economic slowdown, weak demand, overcapacity and price lowering by sticking to integration, optimization, transformation, upgrade, reform deepening and innovation deepeningmeanwhile enhancing basic management to improve development quality and benefit. On the basis, it made the profit of RMB 13.0 billion, increasing by 13% from that of 2013, realized the operating revenue of RMB 250.4 billion with sales volume of major products improved steadily. Putting across the task “defend growth”, CNBM was identified as a“dual pilot” enterprise of developing mixed ownership economy and substantializing powers of board of directors.


As a highly market-oriented central SOE engaged in the field of building materials, CNBM will continue to make unremitted efforts in quality improvement, efficiency improvement andupgrade meanwhile stick to reform, innovation and transformation according to the requirement “to be strong, to be excellent, to be giant” to realize “4 changes” (management mode, business scope, technical structure, market field) and further perfect the advantage in scale, give play to the advantage in technology, improve the advantage in management and strengthen the advantage in mechanism. By proactively founding “enterprises with 4 focuses” (innovation, quality & benefit, manufacturing service, social responsibility), CNBM will grow to a world-class group in the industry of building materials.

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