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Song Zhiping’s Visit to France Made a Complete Success

Source: CNBM

Date: July 6, 2015

On June 29-July 3, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made a state visit to France. In this period, CNBM and Schneider, in the witness of the Chinese Premier and French Prime Minister, signed the strategic agreement. Chairman Song Zhiping and Schneider Global Executive VP Luc Raymond signed the agreement on behalf of the both parties. Song Zhiping also attended the Sino-French Business Summit and made a speech about the influence of digital and environmental revolution on future transition of enterprises. When staying in France, he also made a study visit to the 300MW solar power station, the largest single one in Europe.

The collaboration between CNBM and Schneider highly matches the topic of “pushing forward capacity cooperation and working hard to co-develop the third-party market”, which was set for the visit of the Chinese Premier to France. The partnership between them captured great attention from the 2 national governments and the agreement was listed, as a demo project, in the Joint Declaration of Collaboration on the Third-party Market. As the global energy-efficiency expert, Schneider has the advanced energy management information platform, which plays an important role in the infrastructures, power, energy, architecture and other project development in more than 100 countries. According to the agreement, CNBM and Schneider will stay in close collaboration in such fields as cement, glass, new energy and new-type houses. They will take use of their respective strong points to co-develop the Chinese and overseas markets while working together to build the Sino-French manufacturing platform featuring intelligent, IT and modern development, thus becoming the model of combining the French high-end technologies with the mid-and-high end equipment of China and integrating finance and real economy. This project was the first one signed in the package signing ceremony, gaining great attention from the 2 national governments and industry communities of both France and China. After the signing ceremony, Song Zhiping also attended the luncheon for the Chinese Premier and French Prime Minister while taking photos in the venue.

In the Sino-French Business Summit in Toulouse of France, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and French Prime Minister Manuell Valls made important speeches and said the future cooperation between the 2 nations will be even more splendid and brilliant in the future. Song Zhiping, at the end of the Summit, discussed with Airbus CEO Fabrice while making the wonderful conclusion speech. The speech of Song Zhiping was about the energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection, industrial production, personalized customization, intelligent production and energy-efficiency information management in the building materials industry. He also talked about the relations among the Internet, big-data development and future transition of building-materials producers while stating the inherent force of corporate thinking model and structural change of production means. According to him, France has rich experience and unique advantages in industrial innovation, energy preservation, environmental protection and sustainable cities, etc. And the new-type industrialization, IT development and urbanization in China will also release huge market potential. Song Zhiping compared the Chinese economy to an Airbus plane, whose 2 wings are the Internet + and One Belt & One Road initiative. With the concerted efforts, the practical cooperation between France and China will definitely produce rich results. The speech of Song Zhiping focuses on the topic of the Summit and future orientation of the 2-nation partnership, winning great applause and sensation while improving the international influence of CNBM.

During the visit, Song Zhiping also made a study visit to the Cestas 300MW solar power station, the largest single one in Europe, which lies in southwest of France and which was involved by Schneider. The station adopts the world-leading energy management and power solutions of Schneider. The construction automation, management level and efficiency in the project are in the leading position in the world. Song Zhiping also gave high praise for the advanced technical and management experience of Schneider, saying the combination between such technologies and experience of Schneider with the rich engineering and marketing experience of CNBM will greatly push forward the rapid business growth of both parties. He said the collaboration would not only promote rapid business growth of new energy of CNBM, but also has had the French Chip, which plays a key role in making it stronger and more optimal. At the same time, it has laid a solid foundation for both parties to realize their respective strong points, make mutual benefits, achieve win-win situation, and co-develop the domestic and overseas markets, in particular the third-party market.


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