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FLSmidth (China) CEO Visited Beijing Triumph

Source: Beijing Triumph

Date: July 6, 2015

On July 3, 2015, Ma Mingliang, GM of Beijing Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. (Beijing Triumph) met with the FLSmidth China CEO Liang Guoxun and Senior Adviser Gao Changming in the Design Center of the Company. The both sides exchanged ideas and reached active consensus on deepening the cooperation in the multiple fields, levels and aspects.

Ma Mingliang welcomed the visit by Liang Guoxun and his colleagues, and introduced to them the accomplishments made by Beijing Triumph over the past years. He focused on introducing to them the company’s fruitful results in cement engineering service and the prospect and progress of international development. He said, FLSmidth is the world-famous cement service provider that has a long history and glorious reform. As the reliable partner, he hoped to enhance cooperation with FLSmidth with both parties taking advantage of their strong points by combining the business resource advantage of CNBM with the advanced machinery and technologies. While working hard to explore the international cement engineering market, they could provide effective solutions to optimize the domestic capacity, thus providing quality package products and services for the global cement industry. Liang Guoxun introduced the business development of FLSmidth and made great praise for the rapid growth of CTIEC. He also expressed admirations for the R&D force and strong points of CTIEC, hoping both parties can establish partnership. For this purpose, FLSmidth is willing to use its competitiveness in global service network and equipment manufacturing and work with CTIEC to explore the market of cement engineering service. 

The 2 parties also reviewed their successful cooperation in cement engineering project and discussed the current development and trend of cement industry in the world. At the same time, they also talked about the business development of new-type houses and visited the exhibition hall in the head office of CNBM.


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