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The Largest Special Line Grid-connected Terrestrial Power Plant of the UK Is Completed

Source: CTIEC

Date: March 31, 2015

In the afternoon of March 27, 2015 (local time of the UK), the Raventhorpe Farm 39.3 MW Terrestrial PV Power Plant Project, for which CTIEC acted as thegeneral contractor, was formally combined to the grid. All the energy generated will be combined to the steel works in the neighborhood, TATA Steel.

The project is the third large terrestrial PV power plant built by CTIEC in the UK in the role of EPC general contractor, located inside TATA Steel in Scunthorpe (a town in the north central part of the UK) and covering an area of 809,371 m2. Its construction was commenced on January 19, 2015, and lasted more than 2 months.

Built in cooperation with TATA, a famous group of India, the project is the largest special line grid-connected terrestrial power plant of the UKat present. The successful combination to the grid solidified the position of the CTIEC’sbrand, “Triumph New Energy”, in the market of the country, and laid firm foundation for further developing new energy markets of the UK and Europe by CTIEC.


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