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Peng Shou Visits Asahi Glass and Mitsubishi

Source: CTIEC

Date: March 27, 2015

From March 20 to March 23, Peng Shou (GM of Triumph Technology Group Company, Chairman and President of CTIEC, Director of Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry) respectively met with Takuya Shimamura (President of Asahi Glass) and Masaji Santo (Executive Director of Mitsubishi) in Japan, to discuss future cooperation and development. This fully demonstrates his attention to traditional partners and hope for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

In Asahi Glass, Peng introduced the strategies of structural transformation, innovation driving and "One Belt and One Road" adopted by the Chinese government under the new normal. As he said, given the global economy has changed a lot in development mode and is growing slower, the anticipated GDP growth rate of China has been adjusted from 7.4% to 7.0%. Despite this, achieving the objective of 7.0% poses a big pressure on China, whose economic aggregate is very large. The Chinese government encourages domestic enterprises to export internationally advanced technologies and equipment, and financially supports such export at full blast. This is a significant opportunity for both the two parties. CTIEC is transforming from the traditional mode (undertaking overseas EPC projects) to the mode “equipment export + investment”, thus can enhance cooperation worldwide with Asahi Glass in EPC, energy conservation and emission reduction. Takuya Shimamura indicated, in the context that China has entered a stable period, the cooperation between Asahi Glass and CTIEC would be bound to be win-win.

In Mitsubishi, Peng reviewed the ten-odd years of friendly cooperation between the two parties. As he said, CTIEC is a loyal practicer of the strategic cooperation between the two parties, which have collaborated well in the projects of Nghi Son, Azerbaijan and Eurocement. Mitsubishi has favorably supported CTIEC in development of overseas markets (Brazil, India, Turkey, etc.). The two parties can enhance cooperation in the fields of EPC supply, energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection and water service. After expressing a high gratitude for Peng’s introduction, Masaji Santo indicated that the whole world paid attention to the transformation of China from high-speed development to intermediate-speed development and hoped soft landing of the China’s economy. China is essential for development of the global economy, he said. Completely recognizing the operation mode “EPC + investment” conducted by CTIEC, Santo expressed his high willingness of seeking for entry points in the fields of environmental protection and water treatment to jointly support healthy development of Shanghai Triumph Energy Conservation Engineering Co., Ltd.


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