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CTIEC Signs Contract of Bangladeshi Float Glass Production Line EPC Project

Source: CTIEC

Date: March 20, 2015

On March 15, the signing ceremony of the EPC project referring to building a float glass production line (melting capacity: 600t/d) for Nasir Float Glass (Bangladesh) by CTIEC was held in Beijing. Peng Shou (Chairman and President of CTIEC) and Nasir (Chairman and President of Nasir Float Glass) signed the contract.

Since 2002, CTIEC has built multiple projects (float glass production line (melting capacity: 250t/d), glassware production line (melting capacity: 100t/d), glass tube drawing-out line (melting capacity: 20t/d), upgrade of float glass production line (from 250 t/d to 400 t/d)) together with Nasir Float Glass. Successful commissioning and smooth operation of all these projects have brought favorable economic benefits to the customers of Bangladesh.

As said by Nasir, with development of Bangladeshi economy, market demand for glass is steadily on the increase in the country. Given this, Nasir Float Glass made the decision of building the float glass production line (melting capacity: 600t/d). He hoped the two parties could continue to deepen the cooperation to satisfactorily complete the project. Peng said, as an old customer and friend, Nasir Float Glass would be supplied with high-quality products and services as always. 


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