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CTIEC signs Wal-Mart roof power plant project

Source: CTIEC

Date: March 2, 2015

On February 26, the signing ceremony of the cooperative contract for the Wal-Mart roof power plant project of China Triumph International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CTIEC) was held in New York. On behalf of CTIEC, Peng Shou, chairman of CTIEC signed the relevant contract and agreement with Tom Li, president of Sunpin Solar LLC (Sunpin). The project marks new major cooperation between the two sides after the initial cooperation in November 2014 and CTIEC's milestone in in-depth development of the US PV power station market, laying a solid foundation for Triumph's new energy brand to develop in the US and radiate the North American and South American PV power plant markets.

According to data of Fortune Global 500 released in 2014, Wal-Mart with 11,000 chained supermarkets in 27 countries and regions registered the largest operating revenues in the world. Under the cooperative agreement, CTIEC will work with Sunpin to construct roof solar power plants for Wal-Mart's some 1,000 supermarkets in North America, with a total installed capacity of some 500MW. Located in Massachusetts, the first two power plants involved in the project will commence in April 2015.


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