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VICAT's technical director visits Beijing Triumph

Source: CTIEC

Date: Feb 6, 2015

On February 2, Renie Dominique, technical director of VICAT, paid a working visit to Beijing Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. (Beijing Triumph), receiving warm reception from Ma Mingliang, general manager of Beijing Triumph.

Ma warmly welcomed Renie, thanked VICAT for its permanent support to and trust in China Triumph International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CTIEC) and Beijing Triumph, briefly introduced CTIEC's latest achievements in cement engineering technologies, project management and international operations in recent years, reviewed the friendly cooperation with VICAT in recent years and the recent talks with Kara, president of VICAT Zhambyl Cement Production Company, expressed the willingness to explore ways such as financing, leasing and equity investment to deepen cooperation between CTIEC and VICAT while cementing the two sides' cooperation in new projects. Renie thanked Ma for his reception, acclaimed CTIEC and Beijing Triumph's achievements in recent years, highly recognized their outstanding technical advantage and project management capacity shown in cooperative projects such as the cement project in Zhambyl, Kazakhstan, and hailed CTIEC and Beijing Triumph as VICAT's trustworthy partners in the world.

VICAT is a renowned time-honored European cement manufacturer with a history of 160 years. It has operations in over 10 countries with an annual cement sales volume of over 20 million tons.


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