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Song Zhiping Attended the 2nd Meeting of Chinese-Kazakh Business Council

Source: CTIEC

Date: December 17, 2014

Song Zhiping, Chairman of CNBM, was invited to accompany Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to attend the 2ndMeeting of Chinese-Kazakh Business Council in Astana, Kazakhstan on December 14, 2014.

Accompanied by KazakhPrime MinisterMasimov, Premier Li Keqiang delivered a warm speech in the 2ndMeeting of Chinese-Kazakh Business Council, in which he spoke highly of the traditional friendship between China and Kazakhstan and indicated that two countries not only enjoy high-levelmutualpolitical trust, but also are two highly complementary economies, and the cooperation of two countries now is the right time and will have broadprospects. The industries like steel, cement, plate glass and new type housing construction in China are inthe world advancedlevel and highly competitive in the world. Chinese government encourages and supports large, medium and small enterprises with strength in China go to Kazakhstan to conduct cooperation in the fields of cement, plate glass, housing construction, nuclear power plant equipment, railway upgrading, largemineral processing plant, car assembly and other fields through various forms of cooperation such as investing and building factories, leasing, joint ventures etc.

During the meeting, Mr. Song met with renowned Kazakhstan entrepreneurs Ayiwaer, President of SSE and Ye Errang, President of RemStroyTsekh. Mr. Song proposed five plans for CNBM’s development in Kazakhstan: 1. based in Kazakhstan, to carry out the cooperation with five countries of Central Asia and other surrounding neighboring countries; 2. to continue to carry out the in-depth development of cement engineering and construction in Kazakhstan; 3. to invest and build a plate glass plant in Kazakhstan by taking advantage of the glass technical equipment of CNBM and meet the market demand of Kazakhstan; 4. to invest and build a solar power plant in Kazakhstan to implement the development philosophy of “green economy”; and 5. to invest and build a production line for new type housing construction in Kazakhstan and develop energy-saving, comfort,healthandenvironmental-friendly new type house to meet the market demand of Kazakhstan. Song’s proposal got warm responses from the Kazakh entrepreneurs and based on that, the parties signed the cooperation agreements, which laid a solid foundation for CNBM’s future development in Kazakhstanand areas in Central Asiaand Commonwealth of Independent States.


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