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Sun Weiren Visited Mongolia Project

Source: CUCC

Date: November 7, 2014

On October 30, 2014,Sun Weiren, Commercial Counselor of Embassy of People’s Republic of Chinain Mongolia visited China United Cement Corporation (CUCC)Mongolia project site.Mu Yuan, General Manager of munkhiin bayn gal Co., Ltd. was present in the visit.

Sun Weiren first inspected the project site,and then met with the management personnel, general contractor and responsible persons of construction units.Following a warm welcome, Mu Yuan introduced the company including the history, project progress and project’s future contributions to Mongolia's economic development to Sun Weiren. He also introduced the business philosophy of CNBM and CUCC.

Sun Weiren appreciated project’s future contributions to Mongolia's economic development.He pointed out that,since President Xi Jinping’svisit to Mongolia in this August,visits between the two countries became frequent, and the economy of Mongolia has entered into a rapid development period. He hoped the company would seize the opportunity,speed up the construction and strive for the early production.He also raised five suggestions on the future work: first,experience should be accumulated for the Going Out strategy.The Mongolia project was near Ulan Bator. It should take advantage of the good location and be built into a window and quality project. Second,the construction should fully consider and pay attention to environmental protection regulations in Mongolia and strictly abide by its laws.Third,publicity should be intensified and special attention should be paid to the harmonious coexistence with local herdsmen.Fourth,CNBM and CUCC’s advanced management concepts,especially the advanced technology and the enterprise culture should be brought into Mongolia.Fifth, labor should be prepared in advance for the next year. He promised that the embassy would try the best to help enterprises solve problems and difficulties.

Reacting to Sun’s suggestions, Mu Yuan made the following promises: First,in accordance with the requirement of the embassy,the project will be strived to be built into a template project to set a good image of Chinese enterprises and publicize Chinese enterprise.Second,it would abide by the environmental protection laws in Mongolia and create a green factory,and publicize CNBM and CUCC’s enterprise culture and business philosophy. Third,it would gradually employ local labors. In accordance with the business plan, through training and cultivation,the local staffs would account for 80% in 3-5 years.Fourth,as an overseas Chinese enterprise, it would to the most extent assume social responsibilities and obligations,which will be further planned.The company would speed up the construction and strive for early production to contribute for Mongolia's infrastructure construction and economic development,and the strategic cooperation between the two countries as well.

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