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CNBM was invited to attend the China-Czech Business Forum

Source: CNBM

Date: October 31, 2014

On October 26, the China-Czech Business Forum was held in Beijing. Milos ZEMAN, Czech President, Milan CHOVANEC, Minister of Ministry of Interior Affairs, Jan MLADEK, Minister of Ministry of Trade and Industry, Svatopluk NEMECEK, Minister of Ministry of Health and Libor SECKA, Czech Ambassador to China attended the forum. Wei Feng, General Manager Assistant and Manager of Department of International Cooperation attended the forum as CNBM representative.

The forum attracted participants from industries like aerospace, energy, construction, iron and steel, automobile, home appliances, telecommunication, education, food, finance and tourism, and was the biggest China-Czech exchange and communication activity in recent years with the most industries and participants.

In the forum, Wei Feng exchanged ideas with enterprises at home and abroad to create business opportunities and seek for cooperation. A lot of enterprises showed interest in CNBM’s business and expressed the desire of promoting bilateral cooperation.

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