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17th International Wall and Roof Materials Production Technology Exchange Conference and Production Equipment Exhibition was held

Source: Xi'an Research & Design Institute of Wall &Roof Materials

Date: October 24, 2014

On October 11 - 14, the "2014 International Wall and Roof Materials Production Technology Exchange Conference and the 17th Production Equipment Exhibition" co-held by the National Wall Material Science and Technology Information Network, Brick and Tile magazine, China Wall and Roof Materials Development Center and National Building Materials Industry Wall and Roof Materials Quality Supervision and Test Center, and co-sponsored by  Xi'an Research & Design Institute of Wall &Roof Materials, China Silicate Society Sintered Product Committee, China Architectural Society Block and Plate Committee was held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Guo Chaomin, Vice General Manager of CNBM, attended the exhibition. The opening ceremony was presided over by Huang Xinnan, Deputy Party Secretary of Xi'an Academy of Wall Materials and President of Brick and Tile magazine. Xiao Hui, President of  Xi'an Research & Design Institute of Wall &Roof Materials delivered an opening speech.

According to Guo Chaomin, in recent years, CNBM seizes the historical opportunities of the rapid economic rise and the structure adjustment of building materials industry, and explores the scientific development mode of the capital operation, joint reorganization, managerial integration and integrated innovation, which achieves rapid development, promotes the enterprise operation performance, and optimizes the industrial layout. At present, the building materials industry is still facing the complex economic and market situation, bearing all kinds of difficulties and problems. In face of complex severe situation, we need to open vision, go to all lengths, persist in innovation, unite as one to speed up structural adjustment and transformation and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. He hopes enterprises will strengthen cooperation and contribute to the optimization and sustainable development of building materials industry.

This conference is held with the background of the downturn of macro economy, substantial decline in the sales of wall products, and high management and development pressure faced by brick and tile factory. In order to build a platform to promote exchanges, cooperation and innovation in the industry, the conference organizers carefully organized the contents focusing on energy-saving, environmental protection, innovation, industrial structure adjustment and product upgrades, and invited experts to interpret the future development trends like "accelerate the development of advanced building materials to promote the industrialization of houses", " fired brick technology progress and transformation & upgrading", new technology and research on modern sintering wall materials", "production of sintered foam insulation wall material", " new standard of sintering energy-efficient wall material”, “new progress in ceramic insulation building materials research", "new brick and tile era" . At the same time, the conference also focused on the introduction of the special ceramics insulation building materials, the United States energy-saving low setting and large section tunnel kiln, sandwich composite fired brick wall, automatic cutting, loading and packaging technology, mechanical setting technology, providing inspiration and technical reference for the upgrade of equipment and products for wall material enterprises.

The conference also holds various activities like new product release, new books signing and expert consultation.


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