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PhD Duan Wenhui from Monash University was hired as visiting professor by China Building Materials Academy

Source: CBMA

Date: September 5, 2014

PhD Duan Wenhui visited China Building Materials Academy (“CBMA”) on 2 September 2014 at the invitation of Yao Yan, Deputy Chairman of CNBMGC and President of CBMA. PhD Duan Wenhui was hired as visiting professor at CBMA and gave a splendid report of “Sustainable and resilient infrastructure materials – new perspective from graphene and carbon nanotubes”. More than 40 academic leaders from different fields such as cement, concrete, ceramics, glass, nanomechanics evaluation at CBMAheard about academic report and conducted energetic discussion and exchange.

The report was mainly involved with the most frontier research information in five aspects including characteristics of CNT & graphene, composite materials of CNT reinforced cement, composite materials of oxidized grapheme, potential application of nano characterization of cement paste and nanocomposite materials and also highlighted the fiber reinforcement characteristics of CNT & grapheme and their application in the cement composite materials. The combination of theories and practices in the report enabled the persons present to completely and profoundly understand the latest research progress of characteristics of CNT & grapheme and the future international research orientation thereof.

PhD Duan Wenhui was respectively awarded Bachelor & Master of Engineering Mechanics by Tianjin University in 1997 and 2002, and was awarded PhD at Department of Civil Engineering by National University of Singapore in 2006. He served as lecturer at Monash University from November 2008 and was awarded “Future Researcher” by Australian Research Council in February 2013. He has developed the interdisciplinary research on nanocomposite materials and nanomechanics, and developed the new nanocomposite materials with higher mechanical property and low environmental load via adding advanced nano materials into the conventional engineering materials.

Yao Yan and PhD Duan Wenhui determined that two major aspects of “Joint R&D” and “Exchange visiting scholars” should be taken as the basis for joint international scientific and technological cooperation and exchange and conducted exchange and discussion on “nano antibacterial materials” and “application of nano ceramics into heat exchangers in solar energy storage techniques”.


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