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CNBM's leaders visit Dubai Logistics Park

Source: China National Building Materials Import & Export Corporation

Date: November 4, 2013

From October 31 to November 1, a delegation led by Huang Anzhong, vice president of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM)and president of China National Building Materials Import & Export Corporation (CBMIE) conducted a field investigation of Dubai Logistics Park . Huang delivered an important speech at the Staff Conference of CNBM UAE.

At the conference, CNBM UAE reported their work situation and work plan for 2014. Huang spoke highly of the far-reaching significance and great impact of Dubai Logistics Park on CNBM's internationalized transformation, raising four transformation requirements for the company's development in the coming years: 1. Transformation of concepts: all the staff of the company should recognize the situation, fast transform their concepts and duly adjust their development ideas to adapt to the constantly changing and developing domestic and overseas economic environments; 2. Transformation of business modes: the company should accomplish the transformation from the domestic market to the international market, from product trade to service trade, from a single trade mode to multiple business modes, from traditional building materials to "three-new materials", from indirect financing to direct financing and from scale expansion to benefit increase; 3. Transformation of knowledge structures: the company should, with the aim of building a world-class team, cultivate talents with compound knowledge structure and strong comprehensive abilities, keep improving staff qualities and changing their knowledge structures, and improve the comprehensive capacity for participating in international competition; 4. Transformation of incentive mechanism: the company should further emancipate mind, break the shackles of equalitarianism, perfect incentive mechanism, boldly advance the reform of staff salary incentive mechanism, give more humanistic care to staff abroad and concretely resolve their difficulties. Besides, he gave four important instructions in the future development orientation of Dubai Logistics Park: 1. Efforts should be made to build Dubai Logistics Park into the largest building materials wholesale market radiating the Middle East and Africa; 2. The logistics park should have the functions of trading, logistics and service; 3. The logistics park should be distinctive, large and reputed; 4. The logistics park should follow the business principle of "mass and speedy entry and exit" and grow strong as soon as possible.

During its stay in Dubai, the delegation called on the Chinese consul general in Dubai, thanking the consulate general for its long-term support to CNBM. Subsequently, the delegation visited the second-largest building materials distributor in the UAE and held talks with its founder on strategic cooperation.

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