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BNBM wins "Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Global Gypsum Industry"

Source: Beijing New Building Materials (Group) Co., Ltd.

Date: October 24, 2013

From October 21 to 22, the "13th Global Gypsum Conference", the most influential annual gathering of the global gypsum industry" took place in Toronto, Canada. Upon global voting, the "Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Global Gypsum Industry" went to Beijing New Building Materials (Group) Co., Ltd. (BNBM). Entrusted by BNBM Chairman Wang Bing, Zhou Jianzhong, chief engineer of BNBM, received the award on behalf of the company.

BNBM's gypsum board operations have burgeoned in recent decade, with its annual put soaring from 45 million square meters to over 1.65 billion square meters. While achieving business expansion, the company has kept achieving new breakthrough, developing internationally advanced products on the road of independent innovation, integrated innovation and production-teaching-research integration, and raising the level of equipment and manufacturing, reducing production energy consumption, thus being up to world leading standards in terms of core processes, equipment technologies, quality and innovation of gypsum boards. Upon recognition and election, BNBM was honored as the "Gypsum Company of the Year" at the Global Gypsum Conference in 2009 and 2010 as the only enterprise winning the honor for two straight years in the history. On September 27, 2012, with the trial-production ignition of Huainan 50,000,000m2/y high-grade gypsum board line, BNBM's annual output of gypsum board reached 1.65 billion square meters, ranking 1st in the world.

In terms of brand influence, by its outstanding product quality, strong technical support and outstanding delivery capacity, BNBM has won bids for landmark and key projects nationwide at prices not lower than opponents', thus achieving overall success in the strategic of occupying the commanding height of the market aimed at major projects, customers and channels, constantly enhancing the popularity of "Dragon" gypsum board and becoming the worthy No. 1 brand in the industry. Since BNBM made its debut on the "500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands" of World Brand Lab with an assessed value of 7.6 billion yuan, in 2009, its brand value has kept rising in recent years. In 2013, it ranked 82nd among the "500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands" 2nd among Asian building material brands, with an assessed value of 21.265 billion yuan.

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