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BNBM listed among "Top 500 Asia Brands" for 4th straight time

Source: BNBM

Date: October 8, 2013

On September 28, the list of "Top 500 Asia Brands" for 2013 was unveiled. Samsung jumped to the 1st and BNBM ranked 177th this year (183rd last year), leaping to the 2nd among Asian building materials brands. Prof. Robert A. Mundell, chairman of World Executive Group, chairman of World Brand Lab and a Nobel laureate in economics and Prof. Ravi Dhar of Yale University presented awards to the winners. Chen Yan, general manager of the Brand Center of BNBM, received the award on behalf of the company.     

Worked out and released by World Brand Lab and World Executive Group, the list is the lab's 8th evaluation of the influence of Asian brands. The evaluation criterion for "Asia Top 500 Brands" released annually from 2006 is brand influence in Asia, namely brands' capabilities of developing markets, occupying markets and making profit, and the basic indicators include market share of brands, brand loyalty and brand leadership in Asia. As a pioneer and leader in China's new building materials industry and the world's largest gypsum board industry group, BNBM has made the list for the fourth straight time and achieved new breakthrough year by year.

In recent years, BNBM has taken upon itself to build a Chinese national independent brand with international competitiveness, attached great importance to brand building and taken it as one of the company's strategic engines, thus becoming the first enterprise which has brought brand building to the level of corporate strategy. The company has persistently taken technology, innovation, service and quality as major elements of brand operation, enhanced its high profile in the industry through brand strategies such as planning of targeted campaigns, diversified brand communication and strategic cooperation in occupying the commanding height of the industry chain, kept injecting new elements into the brand and continuously increased brand value, thus boosting its core competitiveness.


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