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China Composites Expo 2013 shows new industrial trend

Source: China Composites Group Corporation Ltd.

Date: September 13, 2013

On September 11, the three-day 19th China International Composites Industrial Technical Expo (China Composites Expo 2013) opened at the new hall of China International Exhibition Center. As the only professional international composites exhibition approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the exhibition was organized by China Composites Group Corporation Ltd., the China Composites Industry Association and the China FRP Society. With the rapid development of China's composites industry, the exhibition has kept growing and developed into the largest and most influential composites industry exhibition in China and the Asia-Pacific. Among the world top three, the exhibition is aptly called the "wine vane for the composites industry".       
With three halls covering a total area of 39,300 square meters, the exhibition attracted 450 exhibitors from home and abroad as well as over 1,500 international visitors and buyers from nearly 60 countries and regions. Exhibits covered the whole composites industry chain, including materials, technological equipment and composite products, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, basalt fiber, natural fiber and products of the above-mentioned reinforcing materials, new resins and additives like unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin and phenolic resin, pultrusion, winding, spray, die pressing, autoclaving and vacuum injection RTM equipment and technologies, as well as new products and design software of the above-mentioned applications. The exhibition was all-inclusive and covered a wide range of fields. During the exhibition, technical exchanges and economic and trade talks took place in forms such as presentation, demonstration and interpretation.      
The prediction of China's economic slowdown has not dampened the participation enthusiasm of domestic and overseas famous composites manufacturers. It is easy to see that China has gradually become a place of developing, manufacturing and popularizing new composite technologies and products in the world. Foreign capital has not withdrawn from the domestic composites industry. Contrarily, professional visitors from ASEAN, India, the Middle East, South America and Australia have been increasing year by year. As demands have weakened in recent years, the number of European and America composite purchasers to China has decreased correspondingly, but enterprises conducting business distribution in China have grown in great numbers, the exhibition has attracted new European and American enterprises almost every year, which have taken roots in China by seeking agents, establishing representative offices, founding sole proprietorships or joint ventures and building plants and R & D centers.


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